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7/1 Study plan for the lesson: January 7

See page 142 (top of the page) Grammar bank 6A Let`s read the grammar and listen.
See pages 54-55.
Let´s read the main text  L6A and listen.
Let´s answer the questions (Ex. c, page 55)


As it is the first lesson, let`s take the start easy!
If you have time to look the study items beforehand at home, it is fine. But if you have no time, let`s go through the exercises together.

Handout 1 January 7, 2019

I had to share this link:
25 foods that prevent cancer
14/1 Study plan for the lesson: January 14
6A Vocabulary bank, 
p. 159. Exercises  1-3 
checked and listened.
6A Grammar bank, p. 142 ex. a and b. 
Model answers: Handout 2
6A LISTENING  6 (page 57)   Ex.c and e
We listened Dagmaras interview.

Handout 2 January 14, 2019
21/1 6A WRITING p. 57 Students wrote at review of a movie (about 5 sentences) and read page  117

p. 56 5 The Cinema interview
We discussed in groups about the topics based
on our own movie review

Pages 58-59.
Whats does your profile picture say about you

Handout 3:Teachers manual p. 184
Give me an answer-card game (50% done)
Handout 3:Teachers manual p. 184
28/1 We studied p. 160: Vocabulary Bank 6B
Checked the exercises in groups.
We listened pages 60 and 61 from audio file
Difficult vocabulary:
go viral, See explanations: viral marketing
Listen to Susan Boyle`s with You Tube at home
It has 234 thousand views!
Parts of the body
Teaching Video in you tube

Extra reading:
You are judged by your appearance
4/2 Study plan for the lesson: February 4
Let´s study pages 62 and 63 and check grammar exercises on page 143.
Yle News:
What means scrutiny?
Yle article 29/1: Elderly care under scrutiny
11/2 Study plan for the lesson: February 11
We studied pages 64 and 65.

18/2  Winter vacation:
25/2 Study plan for the lesson: February 25
Let´s study the vocabulary Bank on page 161. Here you can find information about Education System in Finland in a nutshell. Opetushallitus: Finnish National Agency for Education
After that we will study pages 52-53 which we skipped before. Finally we go to pages
66 and 67.
 UCAS: Universities and Colleges Admissions Service: A level = A level (Advanced level) is a subject-based qualification which is part of the General Certificate of Education (GCE) in United Kingdom. It is like the Hign School Diploma in USA.
Ylioppilastutkinto in English:
Finnish Matriculation Examination
gap years
The Big Apple  = New York City
4/3 Study plan for the lesson: March 4
Let´s study pages 68 and 69