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Omnian Espoon työväenopiston opetus keskeytetään ma 16.3.2020 alkaen.
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Päivitetty 21/3/20

Stop for English in Soukka (2019-20)
Date Lesson Activities  Links
9/9/19  Orientation
 EFI, Lesson 8A, pages 74-5, 146 top
 Handout 1: Reported speech p. 94

Free Dictionary

16/9 EFI, L8A, pages 146 bottom
Handout 1: Reported speech p. 95
EFI, Lesson 8A, page 76
23/9 EFL p 75 a) right side
Handout 1: Reported speech p. 95 
EFL p. 163 Vocabulary
30/9 EFI, Lesson 8A, page 77 right side
EFL p. 163 Vocabulary
(Notice: only Ex. 1 a.-e)
Extra pair work 1 (Teachers manual)
Reported speech 1
7/10 Extra pair work 2 (Teachers manual)
EFL, Lesson 8B, p. 78
Autumn Vacation  
21/10 EFI, Lesson 8B, grammar p. 147 top 
EFL, Lesson 8B, grammar p.147 bottom
EFL, Lesson 8B, p. 80 Ex. 4 Reading

Reggae Reggae Sauce
28/10 Lesson 8B, p. 79 Ex. 3 a. – f. Questionnaire
Copy 21/10: Teachers manual 8B p. 159
EFL, Lesson 8B, p. 81 Ex. 5-6
Handout 3
4/11 EFI, Lesson 7-8 Revise and check p. 82
EFI, lesson 8B, p. 164 Work
11/11 EFI, lesson 8B, p. 164 Work loppuun
EFI, Lesson 7-8 p. 83 left (text + video)
EFI, Lesson 9A p. 84 
EFL, Lesson 9A p. 85 
Postal strike
18/11 EFL Lesson 9A Grammar p. 148
EFI, Lesson 9A p. 85-86
3. konditionaali
25/11 EFI, Lesson 9A Teacher manual.
Pre-Christmas Party 
Christmas in UK
3. konditionaali 
 1- Conditional movie
Review Conditionals
Christmas Holiday   
13/1 EFI, Lesson 9B
Page 88 and
grammar: quantifiers
-What`s the difference?
-little, a little, few, a few
20/1 EFI, Lesson 9B continues
Pages 89-90
Lets pronounce
27/1 EFI, Lesson 9B pages 91-3
See audio book
Susan on a  TV show
Interview of Susan 2
Podcast interview
Paper industry strike
hit a crounce time
saavuttaa kriittinen aikaraja
Chaffinch pronouncation
You tube: Life with and
without smart phones
3/2 EFI, pages 92-93 and Ch. 10A page 94. Chinese in Lapland want to
extend their visas
10/2 EFI, Lesson 10A pages 95-7 Football pitch
Greatest Love of All
Winter Vacation 17.2.  
24/2 EFI, Lesson 10B p. 98-99
EFI, p. 151 question tags and Ex. a
Scotland Yard?
Jack the Ripper
Jack the Ripper museum
crime vocabulary
2/3 EFI, Lesson 10B p. 100-101
EFI, p. 151  Ex. b
Practicing questions tags
Interesting course
on Brexit
at Omnia AEC

9/3 EFI, Lesson 9-10 p. 102-3
Revise and check 
16/3 Review of English File Intermediate 
Chapters 1-2 (p. 4-21) Read and review
the vocabulary
. Especially read:

page 5 Reading
page 6 Listening
page 10-11 reading  + ex.
5 and 7page 153
personalitypage 17 Reading 
23/3 Review of English File Intermediate
Chapters 3-4. Read the chapters and
review the vocabulary.
30/3 Review of English File Intermediate
Chapters 5-6. Read the chapters and review the vocabulary.

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